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I offer Master Classes, Private Lessons, and Choreography in the fields of Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet, and Leaps/Turns/Tricks

Master Classes
Jazz- Building off a foundation of ballet technique and vernacular jazz dance, classes can be in the style of Broadway/Musical Theater Jazz (Bob Fosse), Classical Jazz (Matt Mattox technique), Contemporary Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, and Pop Jazz. All classes have a strong focus on alignment, isolations, groundedness, musicality, dynamics, and style. 
Contemporary/Modern- Classes incorporate strength, balance, movement manipulation, improvisation, and story telling. Students are encouraged to bring their own individual movement qualities to further their artistic growth. Modern dance history is discussed and video viewing is part of this course.    
Ballet- Classes pull from multiple schools of training including French, Italian, and Russian. Focus is on alignment, clean lines, precision, use of plie, softness of port de bra, and understanding terminology.
Contemporary Ballet- Part lecture, part movement based course where dancers discover their own definition of contemporary ballet based on observing, discussing and embodying a different contemporary ballet company each week. Companies discussed include Complexions, Cedar Lake, American Contemporary Ballet, Barak Ballet, and more!  
Leap/Turns/Tricks- All classes include conditioning to help dancers build strength and gain muscle awareness. Emphasis is placed on safety and individual limitations. Tricks can include acrobatic skills such as walkovers, ariels, and handsprings or contortion. 
Private Lessons
As an educator my goal is to understand a dancers strengths, weaknesses and overall goals. Upon assessment, an individual curriculum is adopted based off of the dancers artistic and technical goals as well as body safety. Areas of focus can include ballet technique, turns and leap development, artistic exploration, and acrobatic skills. Private Lessons can also be utilized for professional feedback on solos for college auditions, competitions, etc. 
My aesthetic is based on jazz and contemporary dance vernacular. From concert dance to competition pieces, my work tells a story. Musicality, dynamics, and expression are used as a foundation. I love using my dancers as inspiration and allowing them to be a part of the process as much as possible. I encourage dancers to take risks and embrace a challenge, in order for them to grow and mature as artists.